Swap SNTR to UBX
Swap SNTR to UBX coin guide
1. Create your UBX wallet
2. Hit "Swap SNTR" button
3. Read the "Warning" message and hit "Ok"
4. You will be redirected to the swap page with a single use ETH address generated for the swap:
Swap SNTR ERC-20 for UBX coins
Here you can swap your SNTR ERC20 tokens for original UBX coins. Swapped UBX coins will be credited to your wallet Ux... (here will be your UBX wallet)
To swap SNTR for UBX, please send SNTR to this address
0x... (here will be a single-use ETH addres to send your SNTR tokens)

(Please read the warning carefully:)
This is a single-use address that can only be used once. Checking with blacklisted addresses is used. UBX crediting may be delayed up to 24 hours. Limit for tx: 5bln SNTR, Minimum amount to swap is 100 000 SNTR SNTR swap terms and conditions

5. Send your SNTR tokens to this 0x... address (using any wallet, exchange account or internal ETH wallet in Ubikiri)