4Tokens is an innovative blockchain service designed to simplify the issuance and trading of tokens in the Ubix ecosystem. It provides an opportunity for bloggers, musicians, artists, designers and other creative individuals to monetize the value of their products and services by issuing and selling tokens. All stages of the token issuance process are intuitive, convenient and maximally adapted to the needs of potential customers.
As a result, the 4Tokens will help accelerate the process of tokenization of various existing business models and will undoubtedly contribute to the emergence of new business ideas that will be much easier to develop and materialize with the help of tokenization.

Tokenization of business models (content monetization, donations, online trainings, etc.) allows to:

  • Get access to funds bypassing intermediaries (traditional financial system)
  • Get rid of excessive commissions charged by centralized institutions
  • Issue tokens to finance a business and create economic incentives to support it
  • Divide the operations of a business among a large number of its participants (narrow specialization = efficiency gains)
  • Be part of a rapidly evolving industry with untold potential

How to issue tokens with 4T?
-The user determines the parameters of the issue and sets the legal content of the token by supplementing the typical T&C with specific conditions.
-The user sends a link to receive a token or makes a transaction if there is a recipient address.
-The issued token becomes part of the ecosystem and will be available in all services.
After the tokens are issued within the 4Tokens service, they can be offered for sale to Ubix Pay wallet holders. Also, the tokens can be listed on the Ubix Exchange.

Competitive advantages
The competitive advantages of 4Tokens, in addition to simple and intuitive issuance of tokens, are listings of digital assets using the Ubix Pay wallet, as well as providing a platform for secondary asset trading through the Ubix Exchange.

That's how it actually works:
The issuer sends a link to receive a token or makes a transaction if there is a recipient address.
 -The issued token becomes part of the ecosystem and is available in all services. -To issue and transfer a token by hyperlink to a third party, two smart contracts are used:
1. Issuer issues tokens.
2. Depositary - deposits the token until the recipient of the link requests it.

After filling in all the necessary fields (parameters of the issue) and determining the obligation that underlies the token (invitation, gift card, coupon), the customer starts the issue. At the same time, the issuer smart contract is activated, tokens are credited to the customer's wallet. When the token is transferred not by a transaction, but via a hyperlink, the token is transferred to the dep smart contract (deposited) and a hyperlink is formed, which the user sends to the recipient of the token in any way possible. When the recipient of tokens follows the link, a wallet is generated, a private key is transferred, and the corresponding number of tokens is accrued.