UBISTAKE User Tokens and Dividends Distribution


A token is a digital asset created on a blockchain that represents ownership or participation in a particular project or ecosystem. Tokens can be used for a variety of purposes, including accessing specific services, voting on project decisions, and earning rewards. In the context of fundraising, tokens are often issued during Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) or Security Token Offerings (STOs) to raise capital for new projects. These tokens are sold to investors in exchange for cryptocurrencies or fiat money, providing a way for startups to attract investments and support from a global audience. This method of fundraising allows projects to gain the necessary resources to develop their products while offering investors a stake in the project's future success.

Ubistake Custom Token Functionality

After adding a Custom Token (issued by 4Tokens) by the creator to Ubistake, users can deposit it into the Ubistake service too.
The token owner receives the required information (the profit wallet address) and sends tokens to the provided project address.
The service transparently and securely distributes dividends among token holders in the service. The token creator can customize dividend distribution in terms of timing, regularity, and percentage.

How to Add a Token

To work with a Custom Token (hereinafter CT), you will need: a Ubikiri wallet as well as a Private Key (PK) or KeyStoreFile (KSF).

Creating a wallet and CT is beyond the scope of this guide and assumes you have already completed these steps.
If you have not yet obtained a wallet and CT, please review the following guides:

1. Go to the MY TOKENS tab and click the “ADD EXISTING TOKEN” button.
2. The token addition interface will open:
3. Click on the IMPORT YOUR TOKEN tab and enter your token’s ticker in the TICKER field (in our example, we use the USER CT).
If the ticker is entered correctly and the token with this ticker exists, all fields in this section will be filled in automatically.

4. A few seconds after the data is received from the network, you will be prompted to confirm that you are the token creator. To do this, use the PK or KSF from the wallet used to issue the token in the SIGN TRANSACTION field. Then click the SIGN button:
5. After successfully confirming, a block with promotional information about your project will open, which you need to fill out:
Carefully fill in all the fields and click the CREATE button.

6. If the information is filled in correctly, a block with information about your project will be displayed. Carefully review the entered information for errors. If you need to make corrections, click the BACK TO EDIT button. If all the info is correct, click the DONE button.
Congratulations! Your CT has been added to the UbiStake service. All service information for this CT is available in the MY TOKENS section of the token widget.

Profit Address - a permanent address assigned to the token/project.
Profits/dividends that need to be distributed should be sent to this address.

PLEASE NOTE: dividends are distributed only in UBX. Any other digital assets sent to this CT profit address will be irrevocably lost. Dividend distribution from profit addresses occurs weekly on Mondays.

IN SYSTEM TOTAL - the number of CT deposited by users in the UbiStake service.
HOLDERS - the number of users who hold this CT on their balance.
LAST DIVIDENDS - the amount of the last dividend sent to the CT profit address, which was distributed among CT holders.
FOR ALL TIMES - the total amount of dividends distributed for the entire time the CT has existed in the UbiStake service.

7. Now all users can obtain a deposit address for your token.