UBX distribution
UBX coins distribution
1. Emission.
Initially, all UBX coins were issued at the launch of the mainnet.
A total of 1 trillion (1e12) UBX coins were minted.
A Liquidity fund was formed and funds for Development and Partners were created.
The entire unallocated part of the emission of tokens was originally intended to create a comprehensive liquidity management system that supplies liquidity if necessary and forms a fund for exchanging coins for other liquid assets (liquidity pools). However, later it was decided to refuse to manage the value of the coin of the system and it was decided to distribute all the reserve (Liquidity fund) among all coin holders through the program of long-term daily payments (UBI distribution).

2. Liquidity fund.
Address: Ux910fc125e3675cfb445fa46a37b4a1b769add757 Initial amount: 850,000,000,000 This fund is used to distribute UBI to all UBX holders. For security purposes, the distribution is made through the hot wallet Ux109129a92fc93151e9d9f203a983a3fd3aa6f0fb This fund was also used on early stage of the development of the network to swap SNTR tokens, fund the development of the network, and provide liquidity to market makers. In addition, this fund is used to fill the liquidity pools (like Uniswap) and the swap depository to ERC20 UBX version.
In addition, part of the fund is blocked at the address ___________ in case of an emergency need to launch a system masternode to maintain network stability (used during critical updates).