Ubix exchange
Ubix.Exchange is a crypto service which operates on the Ubix Network blockchain infrastructure. The native token of the platform is UBXE. The exchange is officially registered and works in full compliance with all applicable regulations.
Ubix.Exchange offers trading pairs for the tokens of dApps launched on the Ubix blockchain. The projects are from the following fields of activity: fintech, legal tech, Internet of Things and others. For the provision of liquidity, besides support of the ecosystem tokens, trading pairs for ETH and USDC are available.
The exchange is headquartered in Dubai and offers instant 24-hour customer support


Ubix.Exchange provides the infrastructure for spot trading. Currently, are five trading pairs available on the Ubix exchange. In the spot market, financial instruments are traded with immediate delivery. Delivery in this context simply means the exchange of a financial instrument for money or vice versa. The spot market can be viewed as a market where transactions are made "on the spot".
Ubix ecosystem services
Silent Notary (UBSN) –the first blockchain powered notary service launched in 2017. With it, both individual and institutional customers can store valuable data on the blockchain. The data can ultimately be used as proof in court cases.
4Tokens (TKS) - an innovative blockchain service designed to simplify the issuance and trading of tokens in a single ecosystem. The service provides the opportunity for bloggers, musicians, artists, designers and others to monetize the value of their products and services by issuing and selling their own tokens.
Ubix Pay - is a lightweight wallet, designed with the help of Self-Sovereign-Identity (SSI), Digital Identity, and decentralised identificators. SSI - is a set of information about a person that can be managed, shared with any private person or public institution, and, importantly, with access to this information being revoked anytime at wish.

What you can do with Ubix exchange

Trading starts with opening up an account, supplying it with funds, and placing orders, which are executed instantly.
This is due to the uninterrupted access to liquidity pools, which also provides the opportunity for Ubix.Exchange to offer the best fees available on the market.
Users can list and trade their own tokens issued with the help of 4Tokens, which is an integral part of the Ubix ecosystem. Listing is absolutely free of charge. These are unique features not offered by any digital assets exchange out there.
Each instrument available for trading is easy to use and adapted to the needs of all customers. Before being deployed, it went through several rounds of testing.
The security department of the Exchange constantly monitors all developments related to fraud. Thus, with the help of monitoring, control, and all-encompassing protection measures, no loss of digital assets ever occurred on the platform