UBX Tokenomics
Basic principles:
1. Consensus Algorithm - PoS.
2. No minting, masternodes are rewarded with transaction fees.
3. 10% of all commissions are credited to the development fund.
At the moment, a mechanism for managing the issue of money is being developed. Basic principles used:
1. Monetary principles of regulation are used based on the Fisher equation: an increase in the money supply must correspond to the growth of the internal product of the ecosystem.
2. Using the reserve fund to stabilize exchange rates.
3. Implementation of multilevel self-government to balance decentralization and efficiency of the management system.
Current Circulating supply
The Coinmarketcap approach is used to determine the Circulation supply [1] According to this approach, the circulation supply is calculated using the following formula: Circulating supply = Emission limit - Liquidity reserve - Partners fund - Development fund - Swap reserves - Staked on masternodes - Masternode stabilization fund - Current accumulation fund

In accordance with this formula, an API endpoint has been developed that shows the value of the Circulation supply in real time: [2]