Silent Notary Roadmap

Q1 2022

  • NotaryForms service: forms constructor and forms publisher with notarization service integration. Users will be able to create and publish forms on their websites. These forms will be integrated into their respective SilentNotary account, and after filling in by the user, automatic notarization will be performed and certificates will be issued to each party.
  • Implementation of support chat in mobile apps.
  • Notifications function in mobile apps.
  • Industry solutions implementation: localizations for construction companies, translation platforms, real estate companies, travel businesses, and more.
Q2 2022

  • Integration with UBIX ID and UBIX Wallet. Credit card processing for service payments.
  • Multi-network recording functionality.
  • Ability for users to create private consiliums and launch their own tokens.
Q3 2022

  • Developers section with API to create applications running on the UBX blockchain.
Q4 2022

  • Browsers extensions (Chrome, Firefox, & Opera) with notary functionality development.