Lightstamp technology
During the development of the SilentNotary, it became necessary to determine the time range of a certified event. Using the hardware capabilities of smartphones, a solution was found and the Lightstamp (tm) technology was developed to determine the time interval of the event recorded with the smartphone video camera.

The Lightstamp technology allows the following:
1. Counteracts forgery and any modification of the recorded video facts;
2. Records the time interval of the event (the time of beginning and end of the video); and
3. Provides evidence of a real video-shooting event.

National patent app. #2017144897 “METHOD OF PROVIDING THE RELIABILITY OF EVIDENCE AND THE DEVICE FOR ITS IMPLEMENTATION AND THE METHOD OF USING THIS DEVICE”, Intellectual Property priority date is 21.12.2017, registered by RosPatent.

Next step is international patent application according to the PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty), procedure of WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) for simultaneous protection of intellectual property in 152 countries.

More information about LightStamp Technology will be provided soon as we are registering a patent now.