Key users
When using the Platform, users join the general Basic Agreement, which defines all the basic rights and obligations of users of the system. According to it, Users have the right to create their own rules for processing transactions (hereinafter referred to as Rules) and to determine the composition of nodes (Validators) who are entitled to process a certain type of transaction.

In addition to the transactions processing rules, Users can define in the Rules other rights and obligations of Validators and Users who have selected Validator data for processing their transactions. This creates many distributed registries that handle various business processes.
When sending a transaction to the Network, the user indicates the group of the Validators authorized to process this transaction. Thus, the User explicitly expresses his will to enter into certain legal relations.

Any user can download (, install and run a full network node. But in order to become a Validator, he must join one or more Rules (join the Consilium). If this user meets the requirements defined in the Rules, he will be accepted by the network for processing the parts of transactions that correspond to these Rules.

It is necessary to understand that the Rules define not only the order of processing transactions, but can also impose a number of restrictions on the composition of the nodes, up to the indication of a closed list of addresses. Also, the adoption of the Rules may lead to the adoption of certain rights and obligations related to the processing of business transactions.