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==Current researches in UBIX Laboratories==
==Current research topics in UBIX Laboratories==
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Current research topics in UBIX Laboratories

Current researches
Laboratory Topic Subject of study Study boundaries Objectives
L1 Technical document flow in construction. The ability to use transactions in the blockchain with the recording of hashes of events to record the fact of transfer of documents (project documentation, reports, acts, etc.) Interfaces, incl. for smartphones, chat bots, transactional presentation of hashes of events, legal solutions. Creation of a service that allows users to record the facts of transmission of digital documents (project documentation, letters, etc.).
L1 Technical supervision (inspection platform). The ability to use transactions in the blockchain to maintain work logs and fix decisions of a technical supervision engineer Maintaining distributed registers of work performed, estimates, certificates of inspection of work performed, photo and video reports, providing evidence of the reliability of photo reports Creation of a service for online supervision of the execution of construction works with digital CIWP
L1 A platform for ensuring mutual settlements. Using transactions to maintain registers of contracts, local estimates, cumulative statements of work performed Synthesis of estimates, CIWP and registers of contracts, ensuring the reliability of evidence of work performance Creation of a service for control of mutual settlements with splitting payments to the level of final executors.
L1 Platform for working with information (BIM) models (construction and operation). Fixation in the blockchain of operations to change elements of information models of BIM projects at the stage of construction and operation of facilities. Maintaining distributed registers of model elements, fixing the facts of changes in elements, facts of work. Creation of a service for monitoring changes in information models and fixing the status of changes in elements, fixing the status of transfer to operation.