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LifeBuy is a system of crisis assistance Crowdfeeding for companies by selling cryptographic certificates of future services.

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Small businesses have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of our favorite places - restaurants, bars, beauty salons, dance studios, small shops - teetered on the edge of closing. Regular customers in the community could easily help these businesses to survive if a simple, transparent assistance mechanism were implemented.

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We are developing a sales system for certificates for future services (coupons) using distributed ledger technology, which allows us to implement a transparent and reliable system for issuing, circulating and redeeming certificates in the shortest possible time with minimal cost.

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The service provider introduces a new product category to the sales system and informs their customers about the sale of these certificates (coupons). The customers would purchase these certificates directly from the service provider. The service provider, through the Ubikiri API, transmits data on the sale event with the transfer of contact information of the buyer. In Ubikiri, an account and wallet are automatically created and the corresponding tokens are transferred.

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As a result, service providers receive the necessary financial support while customers receive the goods and services of their favorite institution at a discount. In this case, a second market is formed -- if the user decides there is no need for the product or service, it is possible to sell the certificate.

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