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We have developed a hardware solution for the rapid deployment of Network nodes. We use single-board computers with a SSD drive running optimized Linux OS. The node computers also have communication ports (LAN , WiFi and USB) for EDS. Node computers come with a pre- installed and partially synchronized UBIX node client.

Below is an example of the SilentNotary Consilium node:


The cost of a designer node ranges from 200 to 500 USD.

Hardware r&d goals :
 1. Reducing the entry complexity by transitioning to a bundled solution. This is crucial for the implementation of the System in gov structures and for business saving on non- core competencies.
 2. Increased security. We use a specially assembled Linux kernel with the exclusion of components unnecessary for the Platform’s operation, which mitigates hacking threats. Also, separating CIL node from a workstation PC significantly increases its reliability.

There are options to use specially licensed locally produced hardware to meet local technical requirements - both corporate or state.