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An interface has been made for this protocol, the task of which is to unite all services in one shell. This is what, for example, WeChat does - there are payments and shops and IDs and everything else that can be digitized.

This concept is called a super application. Here, too, a super application was was made on a microservice architecture, with the connection of new modules. The main idea is the convenience of the user for seamless work with various applications - under one ID, with the same wallets, addresses, etc.

This super app is called Ubikiri. Actually, this word refers to the Japanese ritual of vowing on the little fingers. The one who breaks the oath loses not only confidence, but also the little finger.

Here we register:

01 LoginUbikiri.png

Here's the profile setup:

02 ProfileUbikiri.png

Here we can create wallets:

01 LoginUbikiri.png

Next, we see active public contracts that can be signed (Contracts).

Further - Network members members (Contractors).

Then - the feed of news and discussions (Feed).

Then the Sandbox section.