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Our current development directions:

1. UBIX.Network website

Website redesign

Adding sections: Technology, Assets, Media

Combining Ubikiri and Ubix.Network, login via Ubix.Network


Redesign of the Explorer

Redesign of the Wallet, adding gas limit, improving UX

Extracting wrap/unwrap functions into a separate CDR (Crypto Depository Recipts) project


Mobile interface.


Adding the ability to list ERC-20 tokens by users.

Adding multiple market sections (inactive coins, active coins, auction mode, NFT tokens).

Integration with popular DeFi pools.

Fiat gateway integration.

Creating a dashboard for UBXE token holders with the following endpoints:

- list of holders of UBXE tokens.

- total fees received.

- the amount of the last distribution.

- the amount of the next distribution.

Business development:

Listing on CMC and Coingecko

Obtaining a license

Registration of the rights of token holders (shares in the company)

Liquidity provider partnerships

Partnership with PSP provider

Launch of a free listing campaign for small projects.

4. SilentNotary

UBSN token listing

Changing token model (transition to passive income).

Development of an explorer for notary records.

Fiat gateway integration.

Configuring the choice of blockchain for events recording.

Developer docs.

Localization for the construction industry.

5.UBIX.Network protocol

- self-healing of the network (removing inactive/defective nodes, blocking inactive blockchains)

- block non-deterministic instructions

- test the virtual machine for other destructive instructions (process.exit, etc.)

- charge for executed instructions (like in EVM)

- cross-consilium call of smart-contracts

- test of new types of integrated blockchains (f.e. PoW)

- sharding (the node will not need to execute blocks of all consiliums (as it is now) but trust / check the results of block execution by another consilium)