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Integrated into the [ubikiri] interface, a service for issuing tokens of various standards. Now, each user of our ecosystem will be able to issue tokens linked to public offers for use in their business processes. Tokens are issued without writing a single line of code in just a few clicks. Moreover, it will be possible to transfer tokens without using special tools (transactions) - for example, just forward them in the messenger.

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Many processes, such as the issuance and circulation of certificates, discount cards, membership cards, tickets, gift cards could be easily tokenized. Tokenization of these processes could not only increase the usability of the final product, but, most importantly, would create new opportunities for integration with contractors, which would bring significant competitive advantages to the business.

But, despite the obvious advantages, there are very few cases of real application of the technology, which is primarily associated with technological barriers - specific qualifications are required to develop smart contracts.

Another significant limitation is the circulation of tokens - an unskilled user requires operations with a crypto wallet.

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We are developing a micro-application integrated into ubikiri that allows the user to issue tokens of various standards without writing any code. The user selects the type of token, emission parameters, bit depth and other parameters, and also determines what rights the holder of the token receives.

The second part of the project is a system of transferring tokens to other users. To reduce the technical barrier, one of the ways to transfer tokens is to send a hyperlink that allows the token recipient to receive the token with minimal effort. Thus, the user can transfer tokens simply by sending links through the messenger or by e-mail to any third parties, even non-users of the system.

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After filling in all the necessary fields (parameters of the issue) and determining the obligation that underlies the token (invitation, gift card, coupon), the user starts the issue. At the same time, the Issuer smart contract is activated, tokens are credited to the User’s wallet. When the token is transferred not by a transaction, but via a hyperlink, the token is transferred to the Depo smart contract (deposited) and a hyperlink is formed, which the user sends to the recipient of the token in any way possible. When the recipient of tokens follows this link, a wallet is generated, a private key is transferred, and the corresponding number of tokens is accrued.

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Decentralized solutions in the field of issuing various tokenized rights are very convenient not only for building independent and reliable systems, but also for solving integration problems. After all, now there is no need to connect different databases, monitor security and solve the integration problem individually for each partner. It is enough to make a transaction. In addition to the benefits for users, we expect a significant effect for the development of our ecosystem: each new token sent using a hyperlink attracts a new user. Each new business has its own customers. In addition, this project is infrastructure for many of the projects we are developing, for example, for Lifebuy,Crowdfeeding and others.

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