Entity Identification

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Entity can be identified by a variety of (possibly infinite) features. This can be either:

  • passport data, certified by third parties;
  • fingerprints and other biometric data;
  • state registration data (registration numbers), including:
  1. data of birth;
  2. place of registration;
  3. and other.

Some subsets of this feature set are standard sets of personal identification (KYC requirements) and serve as a condition for the emergence of a legal relationship (the enter the process, see the section Legal Relationship below).

A fundamental method of identification is the use of asymmetric encryption and pairs of public and private keys. It is considered that only the Subject knows his private key, and since the public key is uniquely tied to the private key (one unique key corresponds to a single unique private key), the public key is the Subject's identifier. This method has long been introduced into the business through the use of EDS.